Commercial Saunas

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Gyms, hotels, health clubs, and resorts use commercial saunas that provide room for three or more people at a time.  This type of sauna is designed for constant and everyday use, with a heavy-duty standing sauna heater in the heart of the room. A commercial sauna room has more legroom with bigger flooring, and more space with three wider walls.

Saunas meant for commercial use are made of industrial strength materials and designed with practicality and space in mind. They have thicker walls for better insulation and sturdier benches that can support a wide range of body types. More supports hold the benches to the floor. The sauna heater is larger with more rocks, so heat is transferred gently and evenly around the big sauna room.

Commercial saunas need to be cleaned and maintained daily to ensure that the benches, heater, floors, and lighting are in perfect condition. Because they are subject to daily and constant use, more sweat and bacteria can accumulate in them. They need to be sanitized, too. If the walls and benches are not scrubbed with an appropriate cleaner, bacteria can make the wood dark and destroy it over time. Rocks in the sauna heater must be removed and reset once every three months at the least, so efficient airflow is guaranteed through the heater, enabling it to generate heat better.

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